2017 Session: “STEM Identity Journey”

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Track: STEM Instruction 

Come learn about and experience a journey that develops STEM Identity in students! STEM Identity is critical for students to pursue rigorous STEM courses in high school, post-secondary education and career pathways. This session provides an overview with experiences that deliberately provide supports for teachers in a shift towards STEM instructional strategies and help students see themselves as STEM professionals.

MCESA is taking a holistic approach and partnered with STEM companies to provide role models to middle school students to encourage interest in science, technology, engineering and math. “STEM Identity helps encourage students to build confidence and competence in STEM areas and boost their persistence leading to future STEM careers”. One goal of STEM Identity is to help students perceive themselves as future scientists, technology specialists and engineers, despite growing up in communities where such careers may not be frequently modeled. Learn how MCESA engages an educational journey to spark the imagination of the next generation of STEM Professionals!

Link to Publications and Blogs about ESI:

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Moderator: Gale Beauchamp: Engineering STEM Identity (ESI) Project Director, Gale.beauchamp@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Office Phone: 602-372-7295

Bio: Gale Beauchamp is the Engineering STEM Identity Project Director for the Investing in Innovation Development grant with MCESA. Gale has a passion for connecting business professionals with education to support students and teachers with real-world engagement and pathways to future education and careers. Central to the Engineering STEM Identity (ESI) program is authentic and experiential learning for students to identify with STEM professions and deepen the pedagogical content of teachers.

Jamie Vought: ESI STEM Coach, Jamie.vought@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Jamie Vought is the STEM Coach for the Engineering STEM Identity grant through the MCESA i3 grant. She provides job-embedded content and pedagogy coaching support for teachers as they implement inquiry-based learning experiences for students. She has a passion for education and inspiring students to pursue life-long STEM education and career pathways.


Arlynn Godinez: ESI Pedagogical Content Knowledge Expert (PCK), Arlynn.godinez@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Arlynn Godinez is the Pedagogical Content Knowledge Expert with the Engineering STEM Identity grant with MCESA’s i3 grant. She works with STEM Professionals and teachers to help provide authentic, real world connections between business and industry and schools. She is passionate about children and learning, believing it is important to provide all children with equitable pathways to success.


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