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GreenBiz18: GreenBiz Guru Lunch: The Role of the CSO in Advancing CEO Advocacy

We’ve seen a recent cadre of CEO activism movements regarding climate change, human rights, diversity and other hot-button issues.

In this session, we’ll share recent research regarding employee and stakeholder expectations regarding CEO activism and discuss the role of sustainability leaders in fostering corporate activism. How can corporate sustainability teams support or influence climate change and sustainability activism in their leadership? What does this mean in terms of employee engagement? What are the potential risks and rewards regarding corporate sustainability reputation? We’ll share case studies and lessons learned regarding effective CEO activism. And, we’ll discuss the role, opportunities and challenges that corporate sustainability leaders for consideration to advance effective CEO advocacy.

Join like-minded attendees for interactive moderated lunch discussions around a particular topic. Each table discussion will be led by an expert or thought leader, held at roundtables of up to 10 participants. These are freeform discussions, so bring your own challenges, questions, and ideas to talk through and get to know your fellow conference participants.


Part of GreenBiz 18: Join the world’s brightest thinkers and most influential sustainability leaders for an unparalleled look into the pressing challenges, emerging trends and biggest opportunities in sustainable business today.