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GreenBiz18: Decoding the Logic and Magic of Sustainability: Unlocking the Key to Mainstream Change

Every sustainability strategy requires some key components that make it successful – such as a vision, a roadmap and a clear set of targets.

Equally, a sustainability campaign requires authenticity, crisp messaging, targeted communications and clear creative to cut through the clutter. Either without the other can fail. This approach is what we call Logic and Magic. We’ve seen this happen many times – Logic without the Magic stays niche and wonky. Magic without Logic becomes greenwash. So how can sustainability, marketing and communications practitioners connect the dots between the two and make sure their efforts pay off? Join Futerra to decode the sweet spot between logic and magic – and learn how to create your own map for success. We’ll begin with a brief set up on why we believe the Logic + Magic framing works, move on to a short panel discussion on the components of Logic and Magic with two-three sustainability leaders and culminate with audience questions.


Part of GreenBiz 18: Join the world’s brightest thinkers and most influential sustainability leaders for an unparalleled look into the pressing challenges, emerging trends and biggest opportunities in sustainable business today.