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April 19th, 2017

Hummingbird Banding At Casa De San Pedro B&B

Visit SABO's most recent study site on the San Pedro River at Casa de San Pedro Bed & Breakfast.
April 19th, 2017

5 In 15 Webinar Series: 5 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

We’ll discuss the latest tips and trends for search advertising, SEO, and retargeting that you can implement right away to see an increase in your traffic.
April 19th, 2017 - April 19th, 2017

Wild Science Academy: Symbiotic Relationships

In this course on symbiotic relationships, students investigate animal associations and interesting “friendships” of the animal world.
April 19th, 2017

Asteroid: Mission Extreme

This full dome planetarium show about asteroids explores how they can tell us more about the origins of our solar system, how they could provide stepping-stones for human space exploration, and how they can pose a potential danger to life on Earth.
April 19th, 2017

Brown Bag Seminar – The Financial Benefits Of Water Conservation: The Tucson Story

This presentation will share the findings of the Tucson Avoided Cost Analysis done by WaterDM, in partnership with the Alliance for Water Efficiency, Tucson Water and Pima County Regional Wastewater, to explore the impacts of water conservation and efficiency on today's water rates.
April 19th, 2017

Gangplank Chandler Hacknight

Day job keeping you away from co-working out of Gangplank during the day?
April 19th, 2017

Gangplank Chandler Software Reading Group

We're an open group meeting weekly!
April 19th, 2017

Lego / Duplo Club

Be creative and discover the Architect in you!
April 19th, 2017

STEAM Spot (Ages 8-12)

Interactive after school programs that explore the ideas behind STEAM - science, technology, engineering, arts, and math!
April 19th, 2017

More To Explore (Ages 6-12)

Are you curious about how things work?
April 19th, 2017

Laboratory Of Tree-Ring Research Docent-Led Tour

Visitors will be introduced to the basic tenets of dendrochronology, have a chance to examine specimens, and visit our working labs.
April 19th, 2017

S.M.A.R.T Lab

Build, Create or Design with us!
April 19th, 2017

Wacky Wednesdays

Children 5-12 with favorite grownup can learn and experiment with STE/AM.
April 19th, 2017

S.T.E.A.M. Game Day

Play an old favorite or learn something new.
April 19th, 2017

Teen Coding Club

Sign up for Coding Club and learn the basics of HTML and CSS.
April 19th, 2017


START = Science, Technology & Art!
April 19th, 2017

MACH: Blender 3D Modeling

Learn how to use Blender, a powerful 3D creation suite used for animation, engineering & game design.
April 19th, 2017

MACH: Robot Arena

Learn how to build and code robots using LEGO Mindstorms!
April 19th, 2017

Sonoran Native Plants Tour

When the University of Arizona was established as a Land Grant Institute in 1891, Dr. James Toumey, a botanist for the Agricultural Experiment Station on campus, recognized the educational value of the native vegetation that evolved in the Sonoran Desert over tens of thousands of years.
April 19th, 2017

From Marine Bivalves To Monarchs: Approaches To Conserving Species With Incomplete Data

From marine bivalves to monarchs: approaches to conserving species with incomplete data
April 19th, 2017

Israel’s Shared Borders And Shared Waters: Water As A Bridge And A Barrier

In this presentation, Prof. Sharon B. Megdal will explain how Israel has addressed the scarcity of freshwater and how the lessons learned by Israel can assist us here in the Southwest as we deal with low flows on the Colorado River and growing population.
April 19th, 2017

Rocks And Ruins Eco-Station At The Overlook

Explore Tucson Basin geology and archaeology
April 19th, 2017

Birds Of Tohono Chul

Learn to identify residents and those “just passing through,” plus information on habits and habitat.
April 19th, 2017

Walk In The Park At Tohono Chul

Experience Tohono Chul while learning some basic Sonoran Desert ecology and the area’s history.
April 19th, 2017

3-D Astronomy Shows: The Search: Exploring Unknown Worlds

The Search: Exploring Unknown Worlds explores discoveries and current research of exoplanets (worlds beyond our Solar System).
April 19th, 2017

Demonstration Garden Tours

Our 14 unique Demonstration Gardens will expand your gardening knowledge and give you many ideas for your own landscape.
April 19th, 2017

Build A Better World, Toddlers

Join us for a special Earth Day & Recycling themed story time.
April 19th, 2017

Build A Better World, Babies

Join us for a special Earth Day & Recycling themed story time.
April 22nd, 2017

Water Conservation Workshop

The workshops teach residents how to beautify their yards and conserve water through xeriscaping.
April 27th, 2017

Birding Agua Caliente Park

Take a guided walk to look for spring migrants, such as tanagers, warblers, and flycatchers, as well as hummingbirds, orioles, vireos and other resident specialties.
May 12th, 2017

San Pedro River Walk

he San Pedro River, a narrow green oasis rippling through desert grassland, is one of the last wild rivers in the Southwest and one of the most endangered.
May 20th, 2017

Drip Irrigation Design & Installation

Simple things you need to know about designing, installing and maintaining an efficient drip irrigation system.
June 16th, 2017

Virtual Reality Experiences

Try out the library's virtual reality devices.
June 20th, 2017

Teen Event – Escape Room

Teens will solve puzzles to escape the room! How fast can you get out?