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March 11th, 2018

Tucson Sky & Beyond

This is our "classic" night sky show, but not like you remember it!
March 11th, 2018

Touring the Solar System

Zoom away from planet Earth and take a guided tour through the Solar System!
March 11th, 2018

SkyNights StarGazing Program

An awe-inspiring opportunity to explore the night skies from the summit of Mt. Lemmon uses Arizona's LARGEST dedicated public telescope. 
March 11th, 2018

Pruning Trees and Shrubs – Phoenix, Arizona

Learn ​the ​basics ​of ​pruning ​to ​keep ​your ​trees ​and ​shrubs ​healthy, ​functional ​and ​attractive. ​
March 11th, 2018

Tour – ‘Plants of the Bible Land’ at Boyce Thompson Arboretum

The Sinai Desert lies roughly at the same latitude as our own Sonoran Desert.
March 11th, 2018

Desert Trees

Join ISA Board Certified Master Arborist Luana Vargas as she discusses an easy-to-follow tree selection process and five desert tree species you should consider on your next planting project.
March 11th, 2018

Sierra Vista Environmental Operations Park Bird Walk

The Sierra Vista Environmental Operations Park (EOP), also known as the Sierra Vista Wastewater Wetlands, has been opened to public tours on Sunday mornings at 8:00 am.
February 11th, 2018

Liberty Wildlife OPEN

You can take self guided tours through our eco-friendly building, interactive learning lab and our interpretive trail where you will find many birds of prey.
March 11th, 2018

Breakfast with the Animals (Ages 2-5): Monkey Madness

Have you learned what a giraffe wants for breakfast? Have you watched an otter wake up in the morning? Have you fed a giant tortoise breakfast? Join us for Early Childhood Animal Breakfasts and YOU CAN!
March 11th, 2018

Lunch with a Keeper: Giraffe Keepers

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a zookeeper might be like?
March 11th, 2018

South Mountain 101

Rotating specialists from the South Mountain community offer an array of learning opportunities with something new each week.
March 11th, 2018

Tour: Museum Highlights

Visit each exhibit gallery throughout the Museum for an introduction to the Colorado Plateau.
March 11th, 2018

Bee Talks

Entomologist and horticulturist Dayna Cooper informs guests on the important topics surrounding bees.
March 11th, 2018

Live & (sort of) On The Loose

A Look at Venomous Reptiles of the Southwest
March 11th, 2018

Family Brain Boost

Join our education team and jump-start your brain with fun, interactive science activity!
March 11th, 2018

Intro to 3D Printing

Interested in 3D Printing and don’t know where to start?
March 11th, 2018

Coder Dojo

What do video games, robots and self-driving cars have in common? Code!
March 11th, 2018

Little Bytes

Think your kids are too young to learn to code? Think again!
March 11th, 2018


Nature lovers, shutterbugs and bug lovers will get an in-depth glimpse of some of the most engaging creatures in the Sonoran Desert, butterflies!
March 11th, 2018

Raptor Free Flight- Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Come experience the thrill of free flying birds of prey at the Raptor Free Flight.
March 11th, 2018

Natural History Field Study – Rust, Dust and Crust – Desert Surfaces and Soil

Prerequisite:  This Field Study is limited to those who attended “Rust, Dust and Crust” on March 3, or those who have previously attended the Conservancy geology/desert ecology lectures.
March 11th, 2018

Family Hike – What Bird Is That?

Did you see that bird? What made that sound?
March 11th, 2018

Just Picture It!

Discover the desert in a whole new light! 
March 11th, 2018

Ride to the Clay Mine!

Saddle up for adventure as we ride out to explore the Clay Mine!
March 11th, 2018

Minerals and Geology of Arizona

Have you ever wondered which rocks you've seen while hiking around Arizona?
March 11th, 2018

Sonoran Desert 101

Join us for this introduction to some of the fascinating animals and plants of our Sonoran Desert as we enjoy a scenic stroll along the quarter-mile Desert Hawk Trail. 
March 11th, 2018

Guided Bird Walks

Arboretum guided bird walks are an ideal way to get into birding and to sharpen your locating and identification skills!
March 11th, 2018

Archaeology & Heritage Awareness Month: Romero Ruins Adventure Walk

Romero Ruins is a multicomponent site that includes a Hohokam village dating from approximately AD 500 to 1450, as well as the remnants of the historic Francisco Romero Ranch. 
March 11th, 2018

Camera Beginners Photo Walk

Valley photographers Mimi, Jack, and Mark have photographed landscapes and people from Arizona to the Mediterranean!
March 11th, 2018

Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association at the Tucson Festival of Books

Join the TAAA as well as many other organizations who are taking part in the UA Science City which is part of the Tucson Festival of Books. 
March 11th, 2018

Kitt Peak Visitor Center Binocular Stargazing Programs

Join us for our newest program—a night of stargazing with binoculars!
March 11th, 2018

Dark Sky Discovery

Experience the wonders of a dark sky on Kitt Peak!
March 13th, 2018

Block Party

Let's play with LEGO and DUPLO bricks!
March 24th, 2018

Everything Science at Bookmans

Join us at Bookmans as we partner with Warner's Nursery and Landscaping Co. to bring a fun science event for the whole family.
April 16th, 2018

How Things Grow Storytime

Spring has sprung!
April 20th, 2018


Play Minecraft for free at the library!
April 28th, 2018

LEGO / Duplo Club

Imagination and creativity encouraged!
May 4th, 2018

Science With A Twist: Trek, Wars and Who II

May the 4th be with us, as we go to a galaxy far far way at this Science With A Twist happening on May's First Friday.  
June 19th, 2018

Science in Music at Kingman Library

Explore Boomwhackers, learn about the science of pitch and develop a musical ear
July 21st, 2018

Stormwater Basics: Preventing Pollution at San Tan Mountain Regional Park

Join us for an informative presentation that will shed light on something that we do not often think about – where our rainwater runoff goes.
August 4th, 2018

Feeding Frenzy! at Cave Creek Regional Park

No fork, knife, or spoon necessary for these cool customers. 
August 8th, 2018

Computer Class – Excel 1 at Agave Library

Learn how to use the basic data-analyzing functions of Microsoft Excel
August 10th, 2018

Patagonia Mountains Overnight Trip

Pre-dinner visits to the Roadside Rest and Paton’s for Gray Hawk, Thick-billed Kingbird, Varied Bunting, and Violet-crowned Hummingbird.
September 8th, 2018

Birds of Estrella at Estrella Mountain Regional Park

Explore the bird life of Estrella Park with special guest guide Joe Ford.
December 19th, 2018

The Arizona Coyotes Present STEM SUMMIT

The Arizona Coyotes are proud to host our second annual STEM Summit on Tuesday, December 19th, 2018.