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February 3rd, 2018

AMUSEUM Family Day

Join us this February for the first Family Day of 2018!
February 3rd, 2018

To the Edge of the Universe and Everything in Between

 A live, narrated journey from earth to the cosmic background radiation.
February 3rd, 2018

Tucson Sky & Beyond

This is our "classic" night sky show, but not like you remember it!
February 3rd, 2018

Undiscovered Worlds

Humans have long imagined exotic and intriguing worlds beyond our solar system.
February 3rd, 2018

Touring the Solar System

Zoom away from planet Earth and take a guided tour through the Solar System!
February 3rd, 2018

Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity

No longer the stuff of science fiction, the discovery of the black hole is a triumph of modern science.
February 3rd, 2018

SkyNights StarGazing Program

An awe-inspiring opportunity to explore the night skies from the summit of Mt. Lemmon uses Arizona's LARGEST dedicated public telescope. 
February 3rd, 2018

Boyce Thompson Arboretum Master Gardeners Present: ‘Out of Africa’

Diamonds aren't the only jewels to come out of Africa – many of the beloved succulent plants at the UA's Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Superior originate from that continent, as well.
February 3rd, 2018

History Walking Tour at Boyce Thompson Arboretum

You may have walked our trails a dozen times and never crossed paths with the Galapagos tortoise pens.
February 3rd, 2018

Bugs and Beyond (Daisy, Brownie, Junior)

It’s a bird? It’s A plane? No! It’s a Bug.
February 3rd, 2018

NASA Science Cafe: Amazing Asteroids

Join the School of Earth and Space Exploration's Philip Christensen and Lindy Elkins-Tanton to explore the amazing world of asteroids in our solar system through the NASA Missions OSIRIS-REx, Lucy and Psyche.
February 3rd, 2018

Citizen Science AZ

Help develop citizen science kits that will be available to check out or use at your public library.
February 3rd, 2018

Birding Hotspot: Hassayampa River

The Nature Conservancy's Hassayampa River Preserve, just south of Wickenberg, is a desert oasis.
February 3rd, 2018

Mirrorless Cameras

Learn the components of mirrorless cameras, including the advantages and disadvantages.
February 3rd, 2018

Introduction to Macro Photography

In photography, the closer you focus, the more you reveal.
February 3rd, 2018

San Pedro River Walks

The San Pedro River features some of the richest wildlife habitat in the United States.
February 3rd, 2018

Verde Canyon Train Ride with Sonora

As breathtaking as an eagle is in flight, a face-to-face encounter with a raptor is an equally astounding event.
February 3rd, 2018

Liberty Wildlife OPEN

You can take self guided tours through our eco-friendly building, interactive learning lab and our interpretive trail where you will find many birds of prey.
February 3rd, 2018

Field Trip: Sabino Canyon

We’ll bird Sabino Canyon Recreation Area walking a loop that includes both Sonoran desert upland and Sabino Creek riparian areas.
February 3rd, 2018

Field Trip: Mason Center/Arthur Pack

Join Tucson Audubon for an introduction to birdwatching basics and our Mason Center.
February 3rd, 2018

Breakfast with the Animals (Ages 2-5): Amazing Otters

Have you learned what a giraffe wants for breakfast?  Have you watched an otter wake up in the morning?  Have you fed a giant tortoise breakfast?  Join us for Early Childhood Animal Breakfasts and YOU CAN! 
February 3rd, 2018

Farm Tots (Ages 18 Months-2 Years): Farm Visitors

Fun on the farm is what Farm Tots is all about! 
February 3rd, 2018

‘Welcome to the Desert’ Walk

These brief walks are designed to introduce you to our beautiful South Mountain here in the Sonoran Desert. 
February 3rd, 2018

Saturday Morning Stories

Join us in the Dottie Gilbert Reading Room to enjoy our favorite desert stories.
February 3rd, 2018

Tour: Museum Highlights

Visit each exhibit gallery throughout the Museum for an introduction to the Colorado Plateau.
February 3rd, 2018

Spring Photoshop Elements Quickstart

This simplified, beginner friendly class is designed to get you off to a solid start with Adobe Photoshop Elements.
February 3rd, 2018

Sandhill Cranes, Raptors and Waterfowl

Southeastern Arizona's desert grasslands and agricultural areas are dotted with artificial lakes, ponds and mudflats providing habitat for winter birds, including at least twelve species of raptors and numerous waterfowl (ducks and geese). 
February 3rd, 2018

Beat Back Buffelgrass: Catalina State Park

 Save the magnificent saguaros and lovely wildflowers from the scourge of buffelgrass.
February 3rd, 2018

Fur, Feathers & Fangs

A Look at Mammals, Birds, and Reptiles of the Sonoran Desert Region
February 3rd, 2018

Family Brain Boost

Join our education team and jump-start your brain with fun, interactive science activity!
February 3rd, 2018

Vegetable Gardening in the Low Desert

Here in the low desert we are lucky enough to have two growing seasons- fall and spring.
February 3rd, 2018

Science Saturday ~ Trick or Taste

How do our other senses change how we experience taste?
February 3rd, 2018


Hey kids, do you love building things with LEGOs?
February 3rd, 2018

Saturday Kids @ Ocotillo

Join us every Saturday for fun and learning activities!
February 3rd, 2018

S.M.A.R.T. Lab

SMART Lab incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) with having fun. Build, Create or Design with us!
February 3rd, 2018

Family Fun: Brick Builders

We have thousands of LEGOs. What will you create?
February 3rd, 2018

Agave Builders Club

Have fun building with bricks!
February 3rd, 2018

Discovery Time

Share books, stories, music, and activities in a fun interactive program that builds early literacy skills and introduces children to science and math.
February 3rd, 2018

Mata Ortiz Pottery Presentation and Sale

Enjoy a presentation at Pueblo Grande Museum   by author Dr. John V. Bezy on the prehistoric roots of the beautiful Mata Ortiz ceramics tradition and the archaeological area of Paquimé, located in Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, Mexico.
February 3rd, 2018

Architecture For Kids – 21412

Children ages 7 to 12 are invited to get arty with architecture!
February 3rd, 2018

Colorado River Delta (El Golfo)

The delta of the Colorado River, where it empties into the Gulf of California, is a short 90 minute drive south of the Arizona border with Mexico.
February 3rd, 2018

STEMteachersPHX Conference: Make STEM Relevant to Students

We want to Make STEM Relevant to Students and will have several sessions around the theme.
February 3rd, 2018

Willis Junior High IGNITE Festival

Willis Junior High and the Willis STEAM Academy invite all to attend the 2nd annual IGNITE Festival.
February 3rd, 2018

Desert Rivers Audubon Veterans Oasis Birdwalk

Expert leaders will guide you around the ponds and help you spot and learn about some of the 150 bird species that have been seen at this water recharge facility.
February 3rd, 2018

Buckeye Air Fair

The Buckeye Air Fair presented by CORE Construction will be hosted Saturday, February 3 from 9am – 2pm at the Buckeye Municipal Airport.
February 3rd, 2018 - February 3rd, 2018

AZ Ground Crew Living History Unit At the Buckeye Air Fair

Our display shows the tools, test equipment and manuals were used to repair the aircraft of the 1940's, we portray mechanics who were overseas then became stateside instructors to teach new mechanics how to do the jobs.
February 3rd, 2018

Model Airplane Make N Take

For children 5 years and older and their adult companions, this program introduces students to the hobby of model building and the math and historical research used to build accurate scale models.
February 3rd, 2018

LOCKs: Preschool – Constellations

Created for children ages 3 to 5, these activity-based, hands-on camps explore science and include STEM elements.
February 3rd, 2018

Meet an Astronomer

There aren’t many places in the world where the public can meet a professional astronomer and ask him or her questions.
February 3rd, 2018

Salt River VEX IQ Tournament

This tournament is an official VEX IQ qualifying event, with top teams moving on to the AZ State Championship Events in Spring, 2018.
February 3rd, 2018

Sossaman MS RingMaster Qualifying Event

This year’s second SMS VEX IQ Tournament is an official qualifying event.
February 3rd, 2018

Willis Junior High School In The Zone Qualifying Tournament

This is the fourth VEX Robotics Competition event to be held at Willis Junior High School.
February 3rd, 2018

2017 VRC Sahuaro Skills Only Challenge

VEX Skills Only Challenge.
February 3rd, 2018

Birds of Tohono Chul

Learn to identify residents and those just passing through, plus information on habits and habitat.
February 3rd, 2018

Connecting Plants & People

Discover the edible and useful plants of the Sonoran Desert.
February 3rd, 2018


Nature lovers, shutterbugs and bug lovers will get an in-depth glimpse of some of the most engaging creatures in the Sonoran Desert, butterflies!
February 7th, 2018

GreenBiz18: Lowering Your Fleet’s Footprint with Renewable Natural Gas

Renewable natural gas (RNG) can be an important alternative to diesel and gasoline for companies looking to lower their carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier environment.
February 7th, 2018

GreenBiz18: GreenBiz Guru Lunch: The B Corp Movement – Tools for Embedding Purpose into Your Organization

There are now over 2,300 Certified B Corps and more than 5,000 benefit corporations around the world.
February 8th, 2018

3D Modeling for Beginners

Learn how to design your own 3D printed masterpiece!
February 14th, 2018

Coder Dojo

What do video games, robots and self-driving cars have in common? Code!
February 17th, 2018

Master Gardener Presentation: Insects in Our Gardens

Many insects are present in our gardens and most are beneficial or cause minimal damage to plants.
February 21st, 2018

Build-n’- Play

This program encourages creativity through building activities with various blocks, connecting toys and more.
February 22nd, 2018

Public Health Nurse Visit

A Public Health Nurse from the Pima County Health Department will be available to assist library customers with their health questions.
March 7th, 2018

Master Gardeners: Container Gardening

See how gardening in raised beds or other containers saves water, keeps away critters, and minimizes strain on your knees and back.
March 10th, 2018

Y-Science for All!

Families are invited to experience STEM fun and games during this FREE community event at the various YMCA locations valleywide!
March 13th, 2018

Block Party

Let's play with LEGO and DUPLO bricks!
April 16th, 2018

How Things Grow Storytime

Spring has sprung!
April 20th, 2018


Play Minecraft for free at the library!
April 28th, 2018

LEGO / Duplo Club

Imagination and creativity encouraged!
May 4th, 2018

Science With A Twist: Trek, Wars and Who II

May the 4th be with us, as we go to a galaxy far far way at this Science With A Twist happening on May's First Friday.  
June 19th, 2018

Science in Music at Kingman Library

Explore Boomwhackers, learn about the science of pitch and develop a musical ear
July 21st, 2018

Stormwater Basics: Preventing Pollution at San Tan Mountain Regional Park

Join us for an informative presentation that will shed light on something that we do not often think about – where our rainwater runoff goes.
August 4th, 2018

Feeding Frenzy! at Cave Creek Regional Park

No fork, knife, or spoon necessary for these cool customers. 
August 8th, 2018

Computer Class – Excel 1 at Agave Library

Learn how to use the basic data-analyzing functions of Microsoft Excel
August 10th, 2018

Patagonia Mountains Overnight Trip

Pre-dinner visits to the Roadside Rest and Paton’s for Gray Hawk, Thick-billed Kingbird, Varied Bunting, and Violet-crowned Hummingbird.
September 8th, 2018

Birds of Estrella at Estrella Mountain Regional Park

Explore the bird life of Estrella Park with special guest guide Joe Ford.
December 19th, 2018

The Arizona Coyotes Present STEM SUMMIT

The Arizona Coyotes are proud to host our second annual STEM Summit on Tuesday, December 19th, 2018.