2018 Arizona SciTech Festival

The Arizona SciTech Festival is back in its 7th season of celebrating STE[a]M in Arizona!

This year, there are over 1,500 STE[a]M events happening statewide in over 60 different communities, supported by over 800 collaborators. With over 90 Signature Events (our highlight events), 30+ of them being entire STE[a]M Festivals hosted by schools, the 2018 Arizona SciTech Festival is in its best year yet! Download this year’s 2018 Events Program HERE


Happening this week



February 12th – 18th


STEM Fair & Maker Expo 


Centerra Mirage STEM Academy Science Fair


Cortina Elementary STEAM Night


STEMCon 7.0


J.O. Combs District SciTech Fest


Chandler’s Science Spectacular: Science Saturday


5th Annual Southwest Maker Fest – 2018 


Glendale Public Library Technology and Do-It-Yourself Fair


Rattlesnake Festival!


Vail Pride Day


2018 Arizona High School Science Bowl


For a full list of over 1,500 events, download our program here: 
2018 SciTechFest Events Program

2018 Signature Events


February 19th – 25th
2/22/2018 PADT SciTech Open House
2/23/2018 2018 North Valley STEAM Expo
2/23/2018 Conservation Science Night
2/24/2018 Gila Valley Health and STEAM Festival
2/24/2018 Farm Science Day
2/24/2018 ASU Open Door @ Tempe campus
2/22/2018 Beaver Creek School STEAM Extravaganza
2/24/2018 HISEF (Hamilton Invitational Science and Engineering Fair)


February 26th – March 4th 
3/1/2018 8th Annual Tempe Geeks Night Out
3/1/2018 Science of Basketball STEM Night
3/1/2018 Sahuarita SCITECH STEMtacular Passport Experience
3/2/2018 Junior Citizen Science Festival 
3/3/2018 Junior Citizen Science Festival 
3/2/2018 Technolochicas Lift
3/3/2018 Technolochicas Lift
3/3/2018 Tres Rios Nature Festival
3/4/2018 Tres Rios Nature Festival
3/4/2018 Spur Cross Archaeology Fair
2/28/2018 Canyon Springs STEM Night
2/28/2018 [Circle Cross Ranch] Math and Science Fair Night
3/1/2018 STEAM Night at Canyon Ridge
3/1/2018 Family STEM Night: Grand Engineering Challenges in Advancing Technology
3/3/2018 SciTech EXPO!
3/3/2018 STEM Festival
3/3/2018 Roosevelt S.T.E.A.M Festival sponsored by South Mountain Community College


March 5th – 11th
3/6/2018 2018 Student Days at the Arizona Renaissance Festival – Elementary
3/7/2018 STEAM Fest Family Event
3/8/2018 2018 Student Days at the Arizona Renaissance Festival – Jr./Sr. High School
3/8/2018 STEAMtastic And Star Party Extravaganza
3/9/2018 Super Cool Kenilworth School S.T.E.A.M. Showcase
3/10/2018 18th Annual Ancient Technology Day: Prehistoric & Historic
3/10/2018 2018 Arizona Archaeology Expo
3/10/2018 CodePhx Presents Day of Code
3/10/2018 Science City at the Tucson Festival of Books
3/10/2018 2018 Arizona Middle School Science Bowl
3/10/2018 Y-Science for All!
3/11/2018 Science City at the Tucson Festival of Books
3/17/2018 Luke Days 2018
3/18/2018 Luke Days 2019


March 12th – 18th 
3/16/2018 7th Annual CGUHSD SciTech Festival: “The STEM Behind Everything”
3/16/2018 Girls Have IT Day
3/16/2018 Emerge 2018: Luna City 2175 
3/17/2018 Emerge 2018: Luna City 2176
3/17/2018 2018 Maricopa Science City at Salsa Festival
3/17/2018 spark! Mesa’s Festival of Creativity
3/17/2018 Bear Essential’s Young Reporter Free Barbecue
3/17/2018 Verde Valley Archaeology Fair – ArchaeoMadness 
3/17/2018 Sandra Day O’Connor High School STEAM Festival
3/18/2018 spark! Mesa’s Festival of Creativity
3/18/2018 Verde Valley Archaeology Fair – ArchaeoMadness 


March 19th – 25th 
3/23/2018 Arizona Science and Engineering Fair Public Day and Awards Ceremony 


4/21/2018 Prescott Regional SciTech Fest
4/21/2018 Greenlee County Health and Science Festival
4/22/2018 Yavapai-Apache Nation & the Town of Camp Verde’s Earth Day
4/28/2018 Innovation Nation STEM Festival
4/27/2018 Math and Science Experience
4/30/2017 6th Annual Hope Run and Education expo 
4/13/2018 Future Innovator’s Night at SARSEF
4/12/2018 Alhambra School District Parent University Math and Science Night
4/17/2018 Math and Science Night
4/25/2018 Sierra Verde STEM Night
4/26/2018 Engineering Showcase
5/1/2018 Westwood STEM Night
5/1/2018 STEAM Showcase
5/16/2018 STEM Night
5/11/2018 Xplor-Ology: Discover STEAM in the Verde Valley





Thank you to the Arizona SciTech Festival sponsors: