The Arizona SciTech Festival partners along with collaborators work to develop programs that leverage the festival network and extend unique opportunities to the Arizona community. Check out the exciting programs below!

Festival Fun
  • “Where’s the Gecko?” Contest - Come get involved in this fun and exciting contest! Find the sneaky Gecko that will be hiding out at various SciTech events.
  • Passport - Do you like earning prizes? If so, attend some of the hundreds of official AZ SciTech events, pick up a Schedule of Events, and look for the Passport section on the back!
  • Coloring Contest - Be part of the famous SciTech Gecko coloring/ art contest! Share your creative talents by decorating in the most creative way possible!
  • SciTech Funbook - Come learn about the importance of our most basic energy source… THE SUN! This Fun Book is filled with interesting activities and stories about the Sun and solar energy.
Collaborative Programs
  • Sun Valley Solar Challenge
    - Do you think you have the best solar invention for the home? Can you build your own solar cell phone charger from kits purchased online? Can you calculate your energy costs of your house? If any of these questions seem interesting to you, come be part of this challenge!
  • Celebrate My Drive
    - Help save teen lives by entering this contest! You will create a video about  distracted driving, impaired driving, or speeding. Come help make a change!
  • Arizona SciTech Cox Youth Reporters and/or STEM awards - The Arizona SciTech Cox Youth Reporters will bring up-to-date information on Festival happenings. Tune in today!
  • Arizona Renaissance Festival Discovery Days – Coming soon!
Annual Conference
  • 2015 Innovation Arizona Summit – This season, AZ SciTech teamed with ACA and the MIT Enterprise Forum to bring in elements of Entrepreneurship and Innovation to the Annual Conference and build unique connections for our collaborative.
  • 2014 Kickoff Conference - This conference is a HUGE help to AZ SciTech collaborators. From marketing tips to best practices of communicating STEM, this conference is a must attend!
STEM & Industry
  • Internships Arizona – Coming soon!
  • STEM Journals and Launchpoint – Coming soon!
  • AZ Tech Industries - The Arizona technology industry is growing the Arizona economy and creating exciting and high paying technology jobs!
  • Made in Arizona - Made In Arizona is a program designed to expand knowledge about manufacturing in Arizona. In addition, Made In Arizona brings focus to the value of manufacturing in the state and manufacturing as a viable career path.