• 6th Annual Kickoff Conference
    6th Annual Kickoff Conference
    Arizona's Future STEM Pathways September 15th, 2016 8:00am - 4:00pm Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts
  • Search over 1,000 events online!
    Search over 1,000 events online!
    See what’s happening in your community!
  • Science Happens Here
    Science Happens Here
    Collect cards do exciting experiments and win prizes!
  • Learn how AZ SciTech has been serving the Arizona science and technology communities since 2010.
    Learn how AZ SciTech has been serving the Arizona science and technology communities since 2010.
    Discover AZ SciTech!
  • Get involved through programs and partnerships that extend unique opportunities our Arizona community.
    Get involved through programs and partnerships that extend unique opportunities our Arizona community.
    See how you can make a difference with AZ SciTech!
  • Cox's Connect2STEM Awards!
    Cox's Connect2STEM Awards!
    Vote for the next Cox Connect2STEM Winners
  • Building the Student Voice in STEM & Innovation
    Building the Student Voice in STEM & Innovation
    Learn how Arizona SciTech Chief Science Officers are impacting schools and communities throughout Arizona.
  • 6th Annual Kickoff Conference
  • Search over 1,000 events online!
  • Science Happens Here
  • Learn how AZ SciTech has been serving the Arizona science and technology communities since 2010.
  • Get involved through programs and partnerships that extend unique opportunities our Arizona community.
  • Cox's Connect2STEM Awards!
  • Building the Student Voice in STEM & Innovation

September 15th — 6th Annual Kickoff Conference Program Listing:

Don’t forget to check back each week as more track descriptions and links to blogs about each session shall be unveiled!


1Future STEMFuture STEM Pathways

* Autonomous vehicles 
* Cybersecurity 
* Dig Into Mining Innovation 
* Get More STEAM out of your Outreach using Distance Learning Technologies
* Internet of Things
* Personalized Medicine
* Space Tourism Keynote with Jane Pointer & Geoff Notkin 

1Computer Science2Computer Science & Tech 

Technology has been in development for millennia, even farther back than the invention of the wheel or the use of iron in decorative ornaments. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to live without technology being available in some facet or another, especially in the form of computer science. Schools are wanting to incorporate coding courses into their curriculum. Engineers are using technology to develop safer and more efficient ways of battling natural disasters. The possibilities are endless. Whether you are searching for ways to get your kid or school into coding, or are a community member interested in topics such as hackathons, the impact of computer science on the economy and on Arizona’s culture, and even technology speed networking for women, the “Computer Science & Tech” Track has a number of opportunities to explore these ideas and more. 

* AZ Robotics! 
Extracurricular Coding Clubs
* Hackathons 
The Impact of Code.org on Education and Policy 
* Tech in the Classroom
Women in Tech Speed Networking 

STEM in Our Communities 

What’s “hot” in STEM? Come see what professionals in the STEM fields have to say about things that excites us, surround us, and are almost impossible to live without. Technology has developed so exponentially that kids are now figuring out how to engineer prosthetic arms using a 3-D printer. Hosting a doctor’s session through online means is starting to become more mainstream. Research is constantly being done that helps to explain the benefits of the arts, such as the positive correlation between learning Argentine tango and the improvement of balance in people with Alzheimer’s. If incredible developments such as these have developed in more recent times, can you imagine what life will be like in the future due to STEM + the arts? Our panelists can. Feed the curiosity that piques your interest in STE[A]M and hear what they have to say!

* Desert Detectives – How Science is Preserving Our Last, Best Places 
* Emergence Performance 
* Outdoor STEM-Centered Education 
STEAM is Hot… Literally
* STEM Tourism and Sneaky Science

1MentorsSciTech Festival Meet the Mentors 

The “SciTech Festival Meet the Mentors” track is geared toward those who are looking to organize events. Learn from the best in Arizona about how they came up with some of the most memorable event themes that draw thousands each year. Listen to students who have successfully pulled off their very own student-run STEM festival. Find out how to build community partnerships and garner the publicity that will help to solidify your event’s success for years on end. Take a lunch hour to connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas with other event organizers just like you. What you can take away from this track is nothing short of fantastic advice, valuable ideas, and lifelong connections that will help to bring your event to its success. The possibilities are endless!

Attracting Media With Your Event Story 
* Building Collaborations 
* Event Planners Meet Up 
* Make it S.T.E.A.M – Y
* Student-Led Events 
* Theming Your Event 


1Social EquitySocial Equity & STEM 

There is no doubt about it – STEM is a human right, and we need to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to access it, whether it be simply having the means to read about the latest undertakings in science, or receiving the education needed to enter the STEM workforce. This is what the “Social Equity & STEM” Track is all about. It brings to light the human right that is STEM, presenting topics such as social justice and women in technology, all while showing the ways that Arizona is already working to deliver the right tools and resources to different groups of people so that all can have what they need.  

* Bridging the Connection Between STEM Professionals and Schools 
Hera Give Me Strength: The Science of Wonder Woman 
* Hispanic STEM Success in Arizona 
Social Justice and STEM


1Student Voice3Student Voice

* Arizona’s Got STEM Talent III
* Chief Science Officers and Civic Action
Student Perspective on Future STEM Pathways 


1Modeling InstructionSchool STEM Best Practices

STEM in education- There is no way around it. More and more schools are catching on to the importance of STEM, and as such are looking for ways to integrate it into their classrooms, even into their entire academic curriculum! The “School STEM Best Practices” track will answer questions such as “How can I, just an average citizen, become involved in science?” “How do I start a Maker Space in my school?” “What does a STEM curriculum look like?” and “Help! I have no money! How can I bring STEM into my classroom?” Whether you are an educator, a business professional, an activities coordinator, or just someone with a curiosity in STEM and education, the “School STEM Best Practices” Track is the way to go.

* Citizen Science 2.0: Expanding Reach, Expanding Results
* Code.org Educator Training
* Creating a STEM Culture in Schools
How the Intersection of Cognitive Neuroscience and Educational Technology Creates a Deeper Learning Environment
* How to Start a Robotics Club at Your School
The “M” in STEM: Making Math Meaningful in Your STEM Classroom (Grades K-5) 
Making Maker Spaces
Modeling STEM Instruction 
STEMAZing – STEM on a Budget


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2White Mountain Nature Festival
September 3rd, 2016

White Mountain Nature Festival

Come to the beautiful White Mountains and experience the Wildlife of Eastern Arizona.
2AZ Sonora Desert Museum
September 3rd, 2016

Cool Summer Nights – Pollinator Night – Bats!

Learn about the myriad of bat myths and gain a better understanding of these fascinating flying mammals as the Museum’s expert shares her knowledge and insights.
2Kids Day Maricopa
September 17th, 2016

Kids Day Maricopa

Kids Day Maricopa promotes Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness for children in a fun, interactive and educational environment.
September 18th, 2016

MACH: Crafty Science

Calling all future scientists! Kids can create a craft and learn about different science topics at the same time!
2Flagstaff Festival of Science1
September 23rd, 2016 - October 2nd, 2016

Flagstaff Festival of Science

The Flagstaff Festival of Science presents The Science of Change, Sept. 23 – Oct. 2, 2016 with 10 days of free activities for the whole family!
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